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What comes after liberalism? | Alex Kaschuta
What comes after liberalism? | Alex Kaschuta
Bo and Jonny chat with a writer and podcast host on the frontlines of post-liberalism.

Alex Kaschuta is a writer, cultural critic, and podcast host from Romania. Her writing has been featured in the New York Post, the American Mind, Vice, and other outlets. She hosts the Subversive Podcast, which you can find here. Alex is also on Twitter.


0:00 Intro

0:33 Ineptitude 

0:58 Bo demands Alex tell us who she is and what she wants

2:03 How have Alex’s views changed in the last 5 years?

4:48 What replaces liberalism?

11:42 Post-liberalism puts the cards on the table

13:54 What do we do with the true believers?

18:40 Jonny talks about Ecuador & El Salvador’s reforms

20:05 Simplifying the power dynamics

21:39 Has liberalism always been a sterilizing force?

28:13 Plato’s insights about hedonism and democracy

30:50 Aren’t we romanticizing the past?

35:05 The freedom to commit to unfreedom

45:24 The fallacy of the self-creating self

47:40 The woman question

51:27 Elites promoting unhealthy behavior

58:26 The nice school teacher fallacy

1:01:26 Benefiting from ostensible empathy

1:03:40 Religion

1:18:27 Artificial intelligence & power

1:22:10 Bonus questions preview

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