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Where does society come into play here in this argument. This seems to leave out how much our society restricts our ability to connect our emotions and intellect. Instead of teaching us to use emotions as an extension of our intellect.

Humans are animals, captive animal but animals none the less. Wild animals emotions and intellect connect. This is how they learn and survive. Why do we think we are superior when we can't do this, or most of us can't do this? Why would we not be inferior?

We, like ants, terraform the world to suit us. Unlike ants though we destroy more than we build during this process. Might does not make right and power does not equal intelligence. I don't see, by terraforming the world to protect us but in doing so causing destruction that repeatedly leads to a societal collapse and most occupants demise, as very intelligent. We seem to be powerless to stop this from occurring, as individuals.

Perhaps the animals are not dumber, perhaps we are the dumb ones. Perhaps we are so stupid we are now taking them all down with us. Perhaps we should be modeling the minds of animals and not humans for AI. Perhaps the reason we have been successful might not be from intelligence as it our a strange combination of that determines which species thrive and which ones go extinct.

We know nature favors niches. This include niches for the brilliant, rare and the stupid. I will give you the Panda for the stupid example. What if we are closer to being a niche like a Panda than not?

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