Aug 26 • 1HR 19M

The Art of Noticing | Steve Sailer

Are white identity politics inevitable, even desirable? Is it actually irrational to discriminate against individuals? Is Steve really a hereditarian? And much more...

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Steve Sailer is an American journalist and blogger known for his writings on race, genetics, and intelligence. Tyler Cowen has described Sailer as the "most significant neo-reaction thinker today." He has contributed to a variety of publications, sparking both acclaim and controversy. With a background in business and sports writing, Sailer often approaches topics from a data-driven perspective. His work prompts robust discussions in both academic and popular circles.


0:00 Intro

1:18 How Steve got interested in race

3:40 Would National Review publish Steve today?

6:15 Noticing differences

15:50 IQ

20:03 Is Steve really a hereditarian?

22:28 Asians & test prep

26:40 Are there legitimate concerns about race disparities?

41:15 Is it actually irrational to discriminate against individuals?

43:30 The rise of anti-white attitudes

59:40 Will conservatism have to confront this?

1:03:50 Economic redistribution

1:08:50 Are white identity politics inevitable/desirable?

1:16:40 Bonus Questions preview

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