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Pig Men Shall Inherit The Earth | Razib Khan

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Pig Men Shall Inherit The Earth | Razib Khan

Razib Khan tells us about the future of ancient DNA, genetic engineering, immortality and much, much weirder stuff...

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Razib Khan is a master of decoding ancient DNA to tell fascinating stories about our history and heritage. His Substack is essential reading for science nerds. You can also find Razib on Twitter here.


2:39: Three mind-blowing facts from ancient DNA research

6:10 Will it be possible to know the average IQ of classical Athens?

8:35 How much signal do we lose if the population is representative? 

10:15 Is there really more genetic diversity within Africa?

15:02 Is gene-culture co-evolution a kind of bottleneck or sieve?

18:45 Fighting between hunter-gatherers and farmers

24:15 Psychopaths as a development of mass society & the need for security

27:20 Dysgenics and the cyclical theory of civilizations

40:40 Modalities of innovation

44:15 The timeline for genetic engineering, speciation, and runaway selection

56:10 People are masturbating

57:00 Is immortality on the cards?

1:05:00 Is this the last century of technological civilization?

1:08:20 Changing aesthetic standards, the need for wisdom, and werewolves

1:15:43 When will we be able to talk about group differences freely?

1:16:52 Will conservatives inherit the Earth?

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