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Neo-Victorian (Sex) Research | Aella
Neo-Victorian (Sex) Research | Aella
Aella chats about fame, research, embryo selection, parenthood, finding a husband, and more.

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Aella is an independent researcher and data scientist with a focus on sex and relationships. Before that, Aella ran a popular OnlyFans account, earning as much as $100,000 per month. Subscribe to her Substack here:

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02:01 - The Impact of Appearance and Branding

08:29 - Comparing Degrading Acts in Different Porn

14:27 - Challenges With Traditional Gender Roles

20:08 - Pressure on Women to Use Tinder

23:48 - Find Long-Term Partner, Face Judgment

28:35 - Polyamory and Intolerance Within Subcultures

41:10 - Starting a Family as a Single Mother

46:56 - Fame and Parenthood Conversations

54:17 - Challenges of Trust and Vulnerability Online

1:10:02 - Academia

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  3. Whats your favourite fiction and non-fiction?

  4. What is your most controversial opinion?

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