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It's the mutations, stupid | Joseph Bronski
It's the mutations, stupid | Joseph Bronski
How many people have political agency? Where does elite theory go right and wrong? Is leftism caused by mutational load?

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Joseph Bronski is a Substack writer and researcher working in quantitative sociobiology. He’s also the author of An Empirical Introduction to Youth.

Find him on Twitter/X and YouTube.


(0:00:00) - Components of Political Agency

(0:13:24) - Political Agency and Union Formation

(0:20:09) - Literature Education's Impact on Society

(0:28:41) - Elite Theory and Frustration With Regurgitation

(0:36:39) - Debate on IQ and Genetic Influence

(0:45:17) - Racial Bias in GWAS Studies Debate

(0:53:01) - Controversial Perspectives on Genetic Traits

(0:56:40) - Controversial Views on Genetic Modification

(1:04:39) - Debunking Historical Idealism and Cultural Evolution

(1:21:00) - Genetic Decline and the Rise of Leftism

(1:32:58) - Culture, Mutational Load, and Leftism

(1:43:10) - Mutational Load's Impact on Lefties' Beliefs

(1:58:49) - Genetic Improvement and Mutational Load