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Hanania's Greatest Hits (So Far) | Richard Hanania
Hanania's Greatest Hits (So Far) | Richard Hanania
This week we're speaking to Richard Hanania about his most interesting Substack pieces and why he set up the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology.

Richard is President of the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology, whose Substack output you can find here.

He also has his own Substack. His academic interests include nuclear policy, American grand strategy, political psychology, the politics of the Middle East, and international law. In today’s podcast we do a deep dive into his most interesting articles.

You can find him on Twitter here.

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Watch the podcast below:

Timestamps for this episode:

2:31 Richard’s background and journey through academia

6:07 Is academia really that bad?

9:15 Is international relations a lost cause?

12:55 Why women’s tears win

16:20 Do conservatives like foreign policy because they get to be macho?

18:50 Should most women leave the academy and have children?

22:50 Should most people walk away from the academy?

28:25 Why is understanding civil rights important for fighting wokeism?

32:00 Is wokeness inevitably downstream from civil rights law?

41:40 Blank slatism and left-wing conformism

46:00 The importance of compartmentalising beliefs

47:03 Richard’s psychological theory of the culture wars

52:25 Why does Richard have any faith in democracy?

54:25 How much is wokeism orchestrated?

1:02:30 Is democracy the only weapon the right have left?

1:09:30 Why does everything move left?

1:11:40 Why does Richard think wokeness isn’t a religion?


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