Apr 29 • 1HR 30M

Based Feminism | Louise Perry

Surrogacy, evolution & prostitution, eugenics & Chesterton’s Fence, IQ realism & paternalism, and why soyboys like to choke women....

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Louise Perry is a journalist and author based in London, UK. She is a columnist for UnHerd and a features writer for the Daily Mail.

Louise hosts Maiden Mother Matriarch, a podcast about sexual politics, which is available on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and all other podcast platforms. It’s also on Substack, where you can take advantage of the Substack Chat feature:

Her bestselling debut book is The Case Against the Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century.


0:00 Intro

0:41 Who Louise is and how she got into evo psy

3:33 Sexually successful men rape the most

4:25 Hiding behind absurd labels

6:05 Why does Louise think women are uniquely harmed by hookup culture?

10:49 Evolution and prostitution

12:20 The magical quality of trauma

15:30 Why women are attracted to violent men

17:48 The danger of iatrogenesis

20:37 How Louise’s psychology shapes her views

22:45 Louise’s policies as dictator 

25:15 Porn as a deterrent 

26:05 How many women can happily engage in hookup culture?

30:05 Mutualism instead of consent

31:50 Slut shaming to protect women

36:08 Feminist sex and why women should masturbate more

38:30 Why soyboys want to choke you

41:40 Mary Harrington & BDSM

43:45 Men who like BDSM

48:30 Is Louise a conservative?

49:18 Why Louise is a virtue ethicist & appreciating casual sex

56:20 Clothing and modesty

1:00:20 Surrogacy

1:11:06 Eugenics & Chesterton’s Fence

1:13:09 Mildly autistic nerds rule the world

1:17:15 A slippery slope to paternalism?

1:20:30 Artificial wombs

1:21:43 IQ realism & paternalism/noblesse oblige

1:26:44 Bonus questions preview

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