Who are we?

At Aporia, we believe in evolution. Period. That’s the pitch, the slogan, the guiding principle.

You might ask, what’s exciting about that? The Darwin wars were won long ago. The creationists were vanquished. We’re all evolutionists now.

But not really. Not above the neck. In the mainstream press and in many academic outlets, evolution stops before it reaches the brain.

Therefore, when we say we believe in evolution, we mean something exciting and substantive.

We mean our eyes will remain open where others blink. We mean dogmas will not deter us. We mean that the truth is our lodestar and that the fog of ideology will not deter us.

We will not cower beneath the god of political correctness. Instead, we will candidly promote the greatest, most exciting, most disorienting revolution in the history of the sciences: The Darwinian revolution.

In doing so, we hope to widen the Overton Window and present you, our readers, with ideas for a future worth wanting.

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Editor-in-Chief: Matthew Archer

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Podcast host & contributor: Diana Fleischman

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Ideas for a future worth wanting.


Ideas for a future worth wanting.