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I think an important puzzle piece related to left/right and the heritability of it is a factor that Alt Hype described as "causiness". It basically says that there's people that(presumably genetically) are high in causiness. These are the same puritans that emigrated to the US and were very strongly religious in those days, but today might devote their life to progressive demonstrations and virtue signalling. Apart from the natural and genetical left/right divide you have had this "cause neutral but extreme in the cause they choose" group that has swung the political pendulum to the left in an extreme way in the last 65 or so years.

People with high causeiness can flip sides quickly and dramatically, which you can see happen many times in history. Communists flipping completely to the dominant cause in mid century Germany for example. Conservatives are almost per definition low in causiness(just look at the name "conservative"), and primarily tend to their close family and kin.

People high in causiness flipping to a anti-natalist religion like progressivism, from a pro-natalist religion like Christianity is interesting in that it will strongly reduce the amount of causiness in the gene pool long term, in the opposite way that people with high causiness increased in the gene pool when their cause was to get 10+ children and spread the word of god.

Sorry the comment field with my ramble. I hope it was at least a little relevant!

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