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Why did the IDW fail? | Auron Macintyre

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Why did the IDW fail? | Auron Macintyre

Right-wing tensions, cultural decline vs material progress, biotech & more!

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Auron Macintyre is a columnist and host at The Blaze. He also writes on Substack. Auron rose to prominence as a “dissident right” thinker, making popular YouTube videos on topics from what’s come to be called elite theory.


1:17 Auron introduces himself

3:20 Racial imposter syndrome

6:03 Whites looking for valid status

8:27 "Nonsense as a uniform”

12:42 The failure of the Intellectual Dark Web

16:18 Steelmanning the popularity of Jordan Peterson

18:40 The Overton Window of Intellectuals

22:40 Controlled opposition without a controller

24:31 What does victory look like in the face of total institutional capture?

27:53 Secessionism, federalism, and societal breakdown 

30:40 Cultural decline vs material progress

36:12 Right-wing tensions

40:00 Our role in the cycle of civilisation 

43:03 Reconciling theology and techno-optimism 

52:36 Can biotech be deployed responsibly in our current political climate?

55:15 What will post-liberalism look like?

57:30 If Auron could only undo one aspect of post-60s culture, what would it be?

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