It's because there's an elephant in the Tory Party's room - the fear of admitting that the policy agenda they sell to the public at election time invariably gets neutered by the lefty civil service at the implementation stage.

Some ministers find themselves at war with their own Whitehall machine but even more times they simply cave in because there isn’t really that much they can realistically do about it. The Leviathan coils itself around their precious policy agenda and squelches the life out of it.

Like Priti Patel or Suella Braverman insisting that the Home Office find ways to send the migrant boats back to France. They will have forgotten how many of their team have second homes there. "Ils font mieux les choses en france" as British senior civil servants like to say. This will be likely the back story of the notorious ‘bullying’ of civil servants accusations.


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If the people in charge really wanted to, they could easily put an end to migration, legal and illegal; they simply choose not to. All those treaties and judicial decisions could be swept aside by parliamentary legislation and executive action. Migrants could be denied citizenship, legal residency, and all the benefits showered upon them; benefits such as housing, health care, employment and education which is prioritized to them at the expense of the indigenous British. Scoffers will claim it's impossible, but it's routinely done by the wealthier nations of the Middle East and East Asia. Migrant traffickers and mass immigration supporters could also be treated with the harshness that's currently meted out to critics of current migration policy. It could even be justified by "anti-racism", as it could be deemed unacceptable to subject migrants to the incurable "racism" of native Britons.

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I don't think politicians write laws so there need to be right wing legal institutions that can draft laws.

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