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What historical event should all Britons know about? | Simon Webb
What historical event should all Britons know about? | Simon Webb
Immigration, Brexit, neo-monarchism, homeschooling, historically inaccurate casting, & much more...

Simon Webb is an historian, writer, and host of the popular YouTube show, History Debunked. He has written about slavery, World War I, and even fairies. Check out his channel and books.


0:00 Intro

1:27: What historical event should we all know about and why?

4:50 Why does Simon think democracy isn't fit for purpose?

7:35 The ironies of Brexit and immigration

10:04 Does learning history really change you?

11:13 Homeschooling's power

17:55 Is there potential for a post-Woke politics anytime soon?

19:25 Simon's meta-ethical view & religion

21:15 What is Simon's most controversial belief?

29:03 Guilt by association & social media

30:27 Why we should talk about group differences

32:00 Why would people want to change the status quo?

38:30 The primal fear of discussing group differences

41:00 Schooling in historical context and making changes

44:00 Will homeschooling become more popular?

45:15 Is immigration still a concern for the British public?

49:38 Should young people leave?

50:49 Historical inaccuracies in film and TV

56:13 Simon's favourite books

56:52 No regrets

57:12 What does it mean to be truly educated?

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