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Time to tell the truth | Ed West
Time to tell the truth | Ed West
Wokeism as 105 IQ, race communism, populism, status competition, Brexit’s failure + more...

Ed West is a journalist, essayist, and author.

He has one of the best Substacks out there:

You should buy his 2020 book, Small Men on the Wrong Side of History, which focuses on the failures of post-war conservativism.

Follow him on Twitter here.


0:00 Intro

0:52 The major differences between British & US conservatism

6:40 Why are American ideas so appealing to other Anglos?

10:52 European perspective on America

13:58 Wokeism as 105 IQ

16:25 Brexit’s failure

20:12 Immigration in the UK

24:50 Demography, elites, populism

30:00 More on European populism

36:52 Would it be better if politicians spoke the truth about demography?

41:22 Farage’s style

45:26 Communism vs Nazism

50:00 Double standards on race

53:45 Status competition 

1:00:45 Bonus questions preview

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