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That explains their mind control powers - forcing Argentina to change strategy and sub out DiMaria

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This essay didn't listen to it's own initial warning: football, and especially knockout football, is hugely prone to variance and people often use ad-hoc rationalizations to support their narrative.

The simplest explanation is France's talent. They have been a top 3 team in talent over the last 6 years.

A country's football success is mainly a function of the country's GDP, population, and interest in football. This is why France has very good players (as well as having many African immigrants).

Good coaching/tactics can improve a team too. But it's generally understood to have a small impact than club football due to the limited time the team has together and the inability to plug holes (if you have a bad left back you can't just go buy one).

Good management will partly be a function of IQ. In general, top coaches seem smart (Gaurdiola, Klopp, Tuchel). Deschamps being from the basque region suggests he may have higher IQ than the average manager. But France aren't generally viewed as playing above their talent level. Also, FYI, Frank Lampard has an extremely high tested IQ and ihasn't done very well in management so far.

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The essay was an excuse to talk about the Basque 😂

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B a s e d Latino’s all around

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