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The IQ Wars | Richard Haier

The IQ Wars | Richard Haier

Lessons from the life-long career of one of the world's leading IQ researchers

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Unlock the mysteries of the mind with our esteemed guest, Richard Haier, the editor-in-chief of the journal Intelligence. This episode promises to explain the concept of intelligence, bringing you a step closer to understanding the intricate workings of the human brain. We dare to venture into the labyrinth of the mind, tackling controversial discussions surrounding intelligence and its measurement.


(02:19 - 03:37) Understanding Intelligence and Individual Differences

(12:33 - 14:45) IQ and Lifespan Longitudinal Study Findings

(22:57 - 24:44) Intelligence Research and Schizophrenia

(26:58 - 29:32) Brain Imaging and Intelligence Research

(38:27 - 39:29) Group Differences in IQ Scores

(42:41 - 43:27) Unfounded Criticism and Average Group Differences

(48:50 - 50:14) Neglected Intelligence Research

(51:42 - 53:01) The Power of Neuroscience and Genetics

(01:01:12 - 01:01:50) Efficiency and Variations of Mitochondria

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