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The Heterodox Academy has Failed! | Nathan Cofnas
The Heterodox Academy has Failed! | Nathan Cofnas
Diana Fleischman chats to Nathan Cofnas about his recent article critiquing HxA and much more!

Nathan Cofnas is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. He works in the philosophy of biology (very broadly construed) and ethics, and the intersection of these fields. He is particularly interested in scientific and ethical controversies connected with evolution-informed social science.

Nathan aspires to do philosophy that is continuous with science. Most of his work deals with methodological issues at the border between science and philosophy, and about half of his publications are in science journals.

Nathan studied at Oxford (DPhil, Philosophy), Cambridge (MPhil, History and Philosophy of Science), Lingnan, and Columbia (BA, Philosophy).

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Nathan’s article

HxA response


0:00 Intro
2:30 How difficult it was for Nathan to publish the article
4:14 Defining heterodoxy
6:35 John McWhorter
9:52 Amy Wax
11:40 HxA’s reply to Nathan
18:00 What HxA should do
21:22 Isn’t it good that HxA engaged with the criticism?
23:59 Who is the unnamed scholar HxA blocked for membership?
27:35 American Renaissance isn’t a hate group
28:46 Why is discussing race important?
36:27 Haidt knows the truth
37:47 The irony of Jews endorsing the racism thesis
39:52 What does Nathan think of Rufo and DeSantis?
46:00 The biggest problem
47:25 Ways out of the abyss
53:24 Academia selects for timidity
54:38 Will the genetic revolution change things?
56:32 Promo for bonus questions

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