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Sex in The Brain | David Geary
Sex in The Brain | David Geary
Differential parental investment strategies, lineage enhancement, The Danny DeVito problem, dodging and throwing objects, patriarchy, feminism as an elite female ideology, is trans a real category?

Prof David Geary is a cognitive developmental and evolutionary psychologist interested in mathematical learning and sex differences. He is currently a Curators’ Professor and Thomas Jefferson Fellow in the Department of Psychological Sciences and Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri.


0:00 Intro

0:44 Why do we have sexes and what are they?

3:20 Could we have more sexes? 

4:10 The evolutionary logic behind two sexes

5:55 What is sexual selection and why does it lead to sex differences?

7:05 Differential parental investment strategies

9:20 Humans aren’t as unique as we like to think

10:27 Bo poses a theory about sexual selection 

13:07 Questioning Geoffrey Miller’s The Mating Mind paradigm 

16:24 Lineage enhancement 

18:22 The Danny DeVito problem

19:22 Status versus resources

22:02 Sex differences in the mind

24:45 Most important average differences

27:10 Dodging and throwing objects

31:18 The patriarchy critique 

34:23 Feminism as an elite female ideology

35:58 Trans & the new gender ideology

40:00 Natal girls identifying as transgender

42:58 Is transgender a real category?

49:20 The stupidity of children

51:20 What about transgender suppression? 

53:00 Bonus questions

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