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Pluralistic Pronatalism | Simone Collins
Pluralistic Pronatalism | Simone Collins
Perhaps diversity is a our strength after all...

Join us for a fascinating exploration as we're joined by Simone Collins, an entrepreneur, pronatalist mother, and a consistent Twitter presence. Simone offers an enlightening perspective on pronatalism and its relation to eugenics. Listen in as we discuss the complexities of demographic collapse and the role of diversity in cultural survival. Simone shares insights on how certain cultures, like South Koreans and Native Americans, are at risk of cultural mass extinction, and how a pluralistic approach to pronatalism could help.

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0:00:00) - Pronatalism and the Misconceptions of Eugenics

(0:08:20) - Views on Pronatalism and Philosophical Underpinnings

(0:17:32) - Discussion on Parenting and Genetic Selection

(0:28:36) - Hate's Role in Effective Marketing

(0:41:39) - IVF, Surrogacy, and Artificial Wombs

(0:53:12) - Celebrate and Balance Motherhood Challenges

(1:05:09) - Life Extension and End of Life

(1:08:51) - Contemplating End-of-Life Choices and Healthspan Extension

(1:13:59) - Debating Longevity and Alternative Education

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