“Carl’s Cartesian Clarity” is the name of a cocktail waiting to be invented. Great alliteration.

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I agree w/ this. I'm more of 12 week ban with exceptions advocate. I read this https://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2022/07/83173/ and it's one of the better pro-life articles I've read. Given that, I think 12 is good enough and abortion should be strongly discouraged. Just my own view. Great article though

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I’m glad there was a more polite way to show the weaknesses in Noah Carl’s arguements. While I didn’t often comment or respond to articles when this was ISF, his actually had me highlighting and taking notes for counter arguments like I was back in College.

I missed that feeling, but also felt like there had to be some sort of closure to the conversation. Cheers to you Bo, for providing that. While I usually lean liberal on most arguments, I’m always happy to converse on a subject and see where we overlap and agree.

I believe strongly that Laws often need to be evaluated, not just for the changing of societal norm, but also to catch up with the technology/sciences (in all forms) of the present. That said, I think abortion in the US is an example of radicalized (Christian “Sharia”) conservatism, when most agree on legality with some restrictions. It’s strange to provide people “discouragement” or “suggestions” when the legality is not in question, as we don’t question the ethics/morality of other laws and rights. If so, there would be constant unnecessary pressure on people to “reconsider” their rights, and the power to act on them.

On a separate note, (from having witnessed the process and supported a friend) it also appears to be an incredibly uncomfortable and painful process, even at the 12 weeks mark. I can’t imagine anyone having gone through it, and willingly subjecting themselves to it again.

With this article, I felt that Bo addressed how/why the divisive nature of Noah’s argument isn’t helpful, but also shed light on how it isn’t cogent either.

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