This is the article that made me a subscriber.

Not to make this US centric but A LOT of US gun deaths are suicides (almost exclusively men). These deaths are constantly referenced in support of gun control, without any further examination of the affected demographics.

The machine creates trash and then feeds off of it.

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Whilst I like their perspective, I feel they are missing the elephant in the room. In light of new research into mothers' role in teaching children their gender roles.

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Sep 12, 2022·edited Sep 12, 2022


(Three years ago, researchers in Canada discovered that mothers used stereotypes more than fathers.

"The study, published in the Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science, found that moms tend to favour girls expressing emotions of sadness and anger over boys. Fathers, on the other hand, lacked a bias towards emotions of anger and sadness in their children.)

I should add that this in my opinion fits with what is known as "Maternal Gatekeeping".

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