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Make Behaviourism Great Again! | Diana Fleischman
Make Behaviourism Great Again! | Diana Fleischman
Meet our latest host!

Diana Fleischman is an American evolutionary psychologist. Her field of research includes the study of disgust, human sexuality, and hormones and behavior. Diana will be hosting her own show with us, so we thought you’d like to get to know her!

Diana’s Substack, Twitter, and website.


3:10 Why Diana decided to ruin her life

4:57 Diana’s relationship with academia

6:45 Diana’s first book & fish training

8:28 Monkey girl

12:20 Coming to work with bonobos and David Buss

20:25 Becoming internet famous

25:15 What is behaviorist evolutionary psychology?

28:17 Why did behaviorism become less popular?

34:35 Behavioursm isn’t PC

38:08 Similarities to behavior genetics 

42:27 The challenges of dictation

44:12 Darwinian couples therapy

52:11 Best critic of Diana’s worldview

53:50 Last time Diana changed her mind 

55:27 Favourite fiction and non-fiction

1:01:04 Matt reads the opening lines to Oryx and Crake

1:02:20 The smartest people Diana ever met

1:08:04 Most controversial opinion

1:09:48 Being poly

1:26:28 Diana’s links 

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