This article was pathetic to be honest. Saying the anti-racist campaigners get 'a lot of things right'. What do they get right? Attacking white people?

White people should be at the point where they genuinely do not care if they are racist or not. If it is between being racist and subjecting yourself to humiliating 'check your privilege' virtue signals, then without question, I'd rather be racist.

The thing is about the cultural left is that they have no memory of REALLY losing. They think the most extreme position is the one that will ultimately be vindicated, because the toxic precedent of the Civil Rights Movement has been set. The only way there smug triumphalism is broken is if there is a backlash so severe that it undos the Civil Rights Consensus. Then people will rightfully blame the CRT activists for having poked the bear too many times.

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"Today’s antiracism activists get many things right."

No they don't. What are you on about? Is it crack that you smoke?

>Professor of Sociology

>Distinguished Professor of Sociology

Oh that explains it.

Is this actually what qualifies as sociology research these days? Asking a few basic questions? This is what 'distinguished professors' do? There are high school students that could do this. And probably better.

Also in what way are any of those statements "anti-white" or "anti-black"? How is it anti-black to suggest that black people should work harder, and that literally every other minority group has done just fine despite "white supremacy"? The entire frame of this piece seems to accept the premise that racism is pervasive.

Legitimately anti-white/black statements are those that are a) not true and b) negative. For example "All white people are racist", "white people don't know how to dance", "white men are extremely sexually violent to black women".

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The word 'activist' always alienates me straight off. I picture a mouthy type who maybe needs to get a life....smell the breeze, read some good novels, generally get over themselves. Then there's 'anti-racist activist'....now that sounds like a kind of closet racist to me. Today's kind "get many things right" you say....I can't imagine how.

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The real question here is not about racism, egalitarian initiatives or what we can do to even the odds. The question is how long will we put up with any of this?

Hungary and Poland spend absolutely nothing on these initiatives. Why is that? Could it be that mixing cultures doesn't work?

Blacks have been in the US for four centuries and 60 percent don't finish high school. The East Asians have only come in numbers in the last two generations and their kids go to MIT.

No one is buying this any more.

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You capitalize Black but not white; your own anti-Whiteness says it all.

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I believe there is a concerted effort to cause discord between the races. This effort comes from what I call the Deep State, which aims to cause societal disruption in our civilization.

The best approach to racial problems is to judge people on their merit, not their race.

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I am almost chomping at the bit to have China take over the world to put this Black and White dichotomy to bed. Then you will get to see what modern racism looks like in all its glory and I for one will be there with my popcorn as I face the wall.

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The key takeaway from this 'study': Garbage in. Garbage out.


Seems that Science, no matter the area of study, is but a slave to ideology -- of the lib-prog democratic sort.

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Well this certainly seems to vindicate the Scott Adams position.

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For both the article and the comments, the answers about whites/blacks may be difficult to measure and vary according to definitions, but there are real answers to those questions. People's opinions on whether whites think this or blacks do that are rather beside the point. It's like asking whether people think the climate is warming or not, or whether we'll have a wet winter, or whether Trump or Biden will win, or whether vaccines work. Those opinions do tell us some things that might be useful in terms of political strategies, but they tell us nothing about the reality. My opinion about the climate does not change the climate one whit. White people would rather society not change? What's the evidence? It's not really an opinion question. Continually presenting such opinion questions as science questions makes each of us a little more stupid.

This has been happening all over "science" especially social science

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