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Feb 23, 2023Liked by Aporia

Lynn et al.'s data is the best that exists, though of course it has problems. The many critics do not try to be helpful and solve those problems. No, they wish only to denounce the data and suppress it. The respected evolutionary anthropologist Rebecca Sear wrote a manuscript last year to that end, published as a preprint.

"It is very important that data and research which have significant real world consequences should be

produced to the highest standards of methodological rigour. The nature of the biases in this

particular dataset mean its use may lead to racist conclusions and legitimise eugenic arguments,

even where that is not the intention of the authors. No future research should use this dataset, and

published papers which have used the dataset should be corrected or retracted."


If all the methodological problems were solved, I expect it would not be enough for such critics, because they are perfectly open and honest about their ideological interests, and the best international IQ data would remain incompatible with those ideological interests.

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