With less than 5% of psychologists under 30 being male (and how many of those 5% are gay), and the overwhelming majority of the girl therapists certainly having been indoctrinated in leftist ideology, merely cancelling membership in the APA will do little or nothing. The APA won't even notice.

Telling conservatives to go to academia and join the discipline isn't so straightforward either. Academia too is now a female, left-wing operation. Conservatives either get converted or weeded out.

The answer, I believe, is withdrawal, collapse, and refounding. Both professional organizations like the APA and institutions like academia are past the point of no return. However, they're also beclowning themselves, burning through centuries of cultural capital in a spasm of madness. Before long universities will be regarded as convents for hysterical women, psychology will be considered a pseudoscience, and neither will be considered remotely prestigious - in fact quite the opposite.

Meanwhile, the competent right wing men who have been ejected from those institutions are still competent. It falls on us to build the successor institutions, including venues for training psychologists and outlets for offering men the psychological support they actually need. There's already a huge cottage industry of anons and feral academics offering precisely these services, and they are gathering to themselves all of the status once conferred on the legacy institutions.

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We're leaving the long house brother

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And burning it down behind us.

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This is reflective of the broader reality that our culture currently has no widely agreed upon, healthy, way to think about manhood. This is all stuff people have talked about before: decline in men-only spaces/activities, depreciation of fatherhood, depreciation of the value of work, discouraging rough play among boys, etc etc, and overall men finding themselves with life trajectories that are profoundly dissatisfying and empty.

Also, pretty much everything above could be applied to womanhood with a few changes in the specifics.

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"The APA's problems are similar to other left-coded institutions (like medicine, for example) experiencing ideological capture. Ferguson believes that “The APA will only change when circumstances necessitate.”"

- This is a strange connection you draw. right coded instituitions have the same problem. The Problem ist not about the political side you follow. The Problem is the power structure. How hierarchical is the APA?

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What is even weirder is the level of anti-intellectualism, rejection of scientific knowledge, and inside the community mental health system. Do you think the public system of mental health treatment favors intelligence? WRONG!

Years ago while working as an emergency mental health evaluator in Leesburg, Florida the MSW program administrator criticized me for using scientific knowledge "TOO MUCH." I was doing things like using simple object recognition tests to identify Alzheimer patients; or questionnaires for alcoholic clients; and writing social histories on suicidal patients that quoted Durkheim's work on egoistic and

anomic suicidal persons.

"THESE ARE PEOPLE" said the MSW...Carl Rogers who proclaimed empathy, unconditional positive regard, and genuineness as the foundation of therapeutic relationships has been dogmatized in the field of social work.When grown children bring grandma to the mental health center---they don't want or need a therapeutic relationship. They want to know what is wrong with grandma. The mental health system is lost especially in the public arena.

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I am at uni and no, there is no possiblity of taking it back and it fucking is a catholic university.

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The world as your own reflection

What surrounds you?

Are you you,

Or are you me?

Come over, as I tire of myself.

Am I a manufacturing device,

Or a manufactured device?

Am I a calm water,

Or a violent sea.

Are you everything that you sense and see,

I do not have a mirrored shield that lets me look without regret.

Surrounded by lies and liers,

What then does that make me?

Re-siding the cocoon,

Is metamorphic change as simple as selecting the reflections of the world that align with my deepest natural yearnings?

When or if they are reflected, will I find them dull or just detestable, or will I survive the encounter at all, absorbed into the ether of everything?

Is that the trap of lies, that they are an easily accessible intrigue to a curious mind,

The lowest of the Hanging fruits.

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