Sep 24, 2022 • 2HR 7M

We will make superhumans | Jonathan Anomaly

The ethics of genetic engineering, the dangers of regulation, the role of feminism, and much more.

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Dr Jonathan Anomaly is a philosopher and bioethicist. He has taught at universities around the USA, and won a teaching award for a class he designed at Duke and also taught at UNC, Penn, Arizona, and San Diego. Jonathan has also held visiting positions at the universities of Oxford and Gothenburg, and established the first Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program in Latin America.

Jonathan is a pro-natalist, advocates eugenics/genetic enhancement, and opposes factory farming. He has written articles on collective action problems such as antibiotic resistance, especially resistance arising from the overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture, and has published papers on the potential benefits and costs of using embryo selection to increase intelligence or alter other traits parents care about. He has also written about the social costs of egalitarian political dogmas in modern American universities.

His first solo book, Creating Future People, explores how our ability to manipulate the genetic endowment of our children is likely to transform humanity. And it’s that book we focus most of our discussion on today. The book is a wonderful primer, it’s only about 130 pages and you can now download it for free using the link below. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s a brilliant and accessible guide to perhaps the most important technological developments in our lifetimes.

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