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A podcast co-host, short films, and hosting new writers...

Dear ISF supporters,

It is my great pleasure to announce that Ideas Sleep Furiously is changing gears. I have much to tell you!

A podcast co-host…

I’ve recorded thirty episodes of the podcast so far. We’ve had well over 140,000 views/listens across all platforms. However, in all honesty, I’ve rarely felt like viewers have witnessed — cliche as it sounds — “the real me”, or the best me, for that matter. On occasion, though, I have very much clicked with a guest and felt able to offer a lot more to the conversation (for example, with Bo Winegard). So I’m trying something new and exciting!

I very much enjoy listening to two-man podcasts. I also think I’m at my best when I’m able to comfortably bounce thoughts off another person and share the division of intellectual labour. Plus, this format has the added benefit of being able to do interesting shows without guests.

So with all that in mind, I’m very excited to announce the arrival of someone I know will be an excellent co-host: Jonathan Anomaly.

Jonny has been on the podcast previously and written for ISF. His knowledge and expertise on a vast range of subjects, along with his effortlessly cool Hawaiian vibes cannot fail to enliven my grey English ways. Jonny will also be offering some very tasty Patreon perks (more about this below).

We will continue to upload the podcast to Substack and the YouTube podcast channel (please do subscribe to the latter if you haven’t — it helps immensely).

I’m currently still uploading old episodes to Substack and will continue to do so when we need a break.

Here’s a YouTube playlist for what I’m calling Season One of ISF. Or you can listen to the episodes here.

The final episode of season one (episode 31) will be with paid supporters on Monday (before going public a week later). It will be with Leandra Ramm, an offspring of the genius sperm bank.

Short films…

Over on the main YouTube channel we will continue to upload our favourite clips from the ISF podcast. However, I’m also going to be making a few short films.

One of the things I’m trying to improve as an interviewer/conversationalist is my verbosity. I think it stems from being hyper agreeable and wanting to caveat everything! So with these films I’m trying to let people speak in their own words and remove myself almost entirely from the picture.

Above is a clip from an upcoming short film on the life of very controversial psychologist, Professor Richard Lynn.

Hosting new writers on the ISF Substack…

Without doubt the change that I’m most excited for is this one! We will be showcasing many fantastic articles and writers in the coming weeks. We aim to post a lot of data centric social science, but are interested in everything from philosophy to technology.

If you would like to write for us or know someone who would, you can email us at: IdeasSleepFuriously@protonmail.com

Launch week schedule

Sunday 16th — An interview with N.S. Lyons of The Upheaval newsletter.

Monday 17th — Podcast with Leandra Ramm

Wed 19th — Essay competition announcement. We will be taking all of the income from this week’s new sign ups and using it to fund our first essay competition. I will also personally double the amount.

Sat 22nd — The Man Who Needs A Statue [An excerpt from Gavan Tredoux’s biography of Francis Galton]

Sun 23rd — Our Near Perfect Meritocracy? [An article from economist Simon Wright]

Help us grow something special!

volunteers – JCI EC Bruges 2022

Our current offer to paid Substack subscribers:

  1. Exclusive articles

  2. You will get to hear my sweet dulcet tones as I narrate every article we upload. Worth the price of admission alone.

  3. Livestreams with myself, Jonny Anomaly, and other guests

  4. Submit questions to guests

  5. Early access to podcasts & your name in the credits

For launch week only we have a special offer…50% off an annual ISF subscription!

Get 50% off for 1 year

This means you can get a full year for only $25!

If that’s not enough, we’re offering a free month’s subscription to the first ten commenters on this article!

What about our Patreon?

Patreon is where we offer extra special benefits to those who wish to pay more than the Substack subscription, as well as offering a lower tier for those who cannot afford our Substack price.

Our tiers are as follows (prices are approximate as they were originally in GBP):

Tier 1: $1.50

Your name in the credits

Tier 2: $5

This is our Substack tier for those who wish to have the same benefits as Substack, but pay using Patreon instead.

Tier 3: $12

A monthly hangout with Matthew Archer and an exclusive Discord server.

Tier 4: $100

Monthly one hour group seminars with Jonathan Anomaly (restricted to a maximum of three groups of three people)

Tier 5: $250

Monthly one hour one-on-one seminars with Jonathan Anomaly or Matthew Archer

Note: Each tier includes the preceding tiers’ benefits.

To make ISF financially feasible (paying writers to produce regular content and paying for equipment and travel, for example) we need to generate approximately $2,000 per month. We’re currently on around $130. So it goes without saying that we need your help! All the money is reinvested into ISF and future projects, of which we have many in the pipeline…

Now hit that button below and leave a comment!

Get 50% off for 1 year

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